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Quality Roofing Services are the experts when it comes to slate roofs. We have over twenty-five years of experience to fall back on and are one of the leading installers and repairers of slate roofs.

Quality Roofing offers a range of slating services from repairs and alterations, to new roofs and re-roofs. We have a extensive range of suppliers and can source all types of slate tiles from older reclaimed tiles to match your current roof, or if your are looking for a particular style for a new roof. The process of slating is very similar to tiling, where a breathable membrane is fixed to the rafters or roof structure and timber battens are then fixed on top of the membrane to form the structure to secure the tiles to. Slate tiles are secured to the battens in a similar fashion to the clay tiles however the type of securing nail and position can vary, depending on the type of slate being used.

A slate roof provides any property with a watertight feature and they are also aesthetically pleasing. However if one of your slates becomes loose or broken then it can quickly become a problem. If this occurs with your slate roof then simply call Lee on 07775501933 

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