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New roofs are dealt with in virtually the same process as would be for a re-roofing project. The key difference is mainly that new style tiles tend to be used because the building is frequently being built from new. However, new roofs can be part of an extension for example and then tile matching is required to ensure the tiles on the current part of the roof match the extension. Quality Roofing can work with you to choose the most suitable style and type of tile that you wish to go onto your new roof, whether it be clay, tile or concrete tiles. We can provide samples for you to choose from and help advise which type/style of tile is best for your property.

Re-Roofing is essentially the same process as for a new roof, however there are extra stages. Before the new roofing system can be applied, the old roof i.e. the tiles, vents and other structures integrated into the roof must first be removed. If the original tiles are to be kept and re-used in the new roofing system being installed, then it can take much more time to remove the existing tiles. This is because older tiles are often very fragile, and although they are secured and sturdy in place, care must be taken to remove the tiles delicately to prevent cracking and breakage. Quite often when removing an old roofing system, timber rafters and supporting structure must be replaced and or repaired to ensure a sound structure to support the new roofing system being installed. We often get additional requests whilst the re-roofing project is taking place to install skylights/Velux© windows, which is a perfect time to perform such a task, because we have easy access to the the roof structure. Depending on the current rafter structure of your roof,  installing additional skylights and Velux windows is usually not a problem whilst re-roofing. If your are interested in such additional work, please notify us when requesting for a quotation or when the member of our team performs the on-site inspection.

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