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Whether your chimney has perished or cracked, needs repointing or lead flashing repairs, we have all your answers. We have been mending and maintaining chimneys for over 25 years and understand the importance of tending to the problem before it gets too big.

Chimney build, repair, re-pointing and restoration is part of what we do on a very regular basis. We can help identify the causes of blocked chimneys and flues, as well as repair a range of old and new style chimneys back to full working order. A large part of our work involves installing flue liners into existing chimneys. This involves removing the chimney pots or cowls and often removing several layers of brickwork, to open up the chimney, to feed the metal liner down to the fireplace/burner. Sometimes the entire chimney stack can require rebuilding because the size of the flue does not fit within the chimney stack itself. We can install a range of bird proof cowlings and vents, among other modern products for old and new chimney systems, to protect your chimney from infestation of wildlife and to improve the draft of fires

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